Rundll error loading – the specified module could not be found: Ray of Light

There are some error messages that can be very annoying; to that type we can refer the Rundll error loading. Rundll. exe files are the system processes that are very important for your Windows system. These DLL files are the part of the code and the data which are used by different programs on your computer. The error appears when a program cannot access this code.

“Error loading C:\Users\SAARA\AppData\Local\Temp\geBrrOgD.dll. The specified module could not be found.”

Rundll error loading specified module could not be found

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This is a very widespread problem: about 90% of whole amount of the computers in the world some when has this Rundll error loading. When Dll file is missed or defective, then not a single application (that needs this file) cannot be loaded and that’s why this annoying error appears.
The reasons that can cause this Rundll error loading can be a virus or spyware. Some kinds of malware often try to hijack the files being shared by the Rundll file.

Another reason can be some invalid entries that are kept inside your system registry. They can appear because of incorrect removal of programs. If you will delete these unnecessary entries you will speed your PC. In order to solve this Rundll error loading you should clean your registry. But you should remember that Windows Registry is the essential part of Windows System and if you will delete the keys that are necessary for the System you will harm it. So, in order to clean your registry, you should open the Registry Editor first:

Click Start, then Run and type regedit and then press enter. Then you should do the following actions:
1. Find the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder and open it.
2. Then open “Software“>”Microsoft“>”Windows“> “Currentversion“> “Run
3. Click on the WildTangent CDA file (RUNDLL32.exe) and delete the file by pressing Delete key.

You can also use any Registry Error cleaner, for example Security Stronghold Registry Cleaner. This program can automatically eliminate the reason of the problem. Also this program can solve some other problems if any are in your System Registry and speed up your computer.

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Then you can scan you computer for viruses, because if you remember that is the main reason of the Rundll error loading. You should download a very powerful antivirus program, install it and update it necessarily. And then you should run the scanning process to detect the malware that harmed the files which are essential to launch the programs.

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2 thoughts on “Rundll error loading – the specified module could not be found: Ray of Light

  1. Margens says:

    How do I fix an error loading message if my computer won’t let me download? It gets to 99% then freezes? Thanks.

  2. janine griffin says:

    hello! i have a rundll error loading c:/programsfiles/commonfiles/paretological/uus2/uusdll
    The specified module cannot be found

    One day my printer just wouldn’t print. Got new one, still no print.. Took to the computer doctor and they emptied it out basically had to reinstall windows and all that. Get it home and still cant hook 3 computers up. Very frustrating.. Can you shine some light on this problem for me as I work online and need to fix this. Cant rely on the computer dr. .. Thanks!
    Janine Griffin

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