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Sometimes when you try to install drivers for USB ADSL in Windows XP, your system can show you the error message, which reports that you need to have administrative rights in order to install DSL drivers. This error message can also appear even if your account is the only on your computer. Sometimes you can get the error message like that:

“Error loading newdev.dll”

error loading newdev.dll

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These error messages inform you about one and the same problem. May be the error is in the fact that the most drivers for USB devices should be installed before the insertion of the devices. Probably you should try to use another copy of the drivers, because some files can be absent in the copy that you have already used.

Also you can try to download the previous version of the drivers newdev.dll and replace the existent version in the System 32 folder and computer will start without any problems. But still you should keep the newer version of newdev.dll drivers and after the successful installation bring it back in Windows\System 32 in order to avoid possible problems. You can do the self-extracting archive or ask any specialist who can do it. The installation of the drivers is the most possible reason for Error Loading Newdev.dll.

There are some methods how to solve the Error Loading Newdev.dll.

1. Firstly you should look for the drivers in the Recycle Bin and if there are any, restore them.
2. You can also download newdev.dll. And after the installation of this file in the right place (C:Windows\ System32 \newdev.dll), you should press Win+R buttons and type “regsvr32” without quotes in the line. Then press enter in order to register newdev.dll in your system. Then you will get a prompt reporting that the drivers were registered successfully.
3. You can scan your System Registry. The system registry is the database that keeps all the configurations and settings in your operational system. You can use any Registry Cleaner to have your registry clean in order to fix the registry errors.
4. Re-install the corresponding program. You should download only the latest driver and install it. And don’t forget to remove the previous version before the installation: delete the previous driver using Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs and delete all its files and folders.
5. Restore your Windows system using Windows Installation Disk. This disk contains the original version of newdev.dll file.

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