Rundll Error – Easy fix

Are you disturbed by Rundll error? Usually this error comes with a pop-up on your screen saying something like a “specified module could not be found” or “the application failed to initialize properly”. Does this look like you already saw this? If this is the case then your PC is affected by annoying RUNDLL32 error. We will give you a little more information about what the RUNDLL32.exe error means, what causes it and i will tell you how to get rid of it!

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RUNDLL is an essential process that runs on your Windows PC, it’s no problem, if everything works as it is supposed to be. This process actually is normal system process and it is needed for your PC to operate properly. Sometimes it can happen that there are bad entries in your computer’s registry. The registry is the main database where you computer stores all data concerning to your programs and applications.

You see, while you work with your PC you will install and remove programs. Those programs add information to the registry and often this information is not properly deleted, or it is just plain wrong. The important registry in your computer becomes corrupted – the cause for the RUNDLL error! And then we are in for a lot of bad surprises: The error comes up at random times and prevents you from working properly. Programs will not work right, your computer might freeze and your games might crash. All caused by this RUNDLL32.exe problem.

Since this is such an essential and important part of your computer it is almost impossible to fix the problem manually – but there is help: You can use a registry cleaner tool. Only the registry cleaner can scan the registry and fix and repair the RUNDLL error, so please don’t attempt to fix “by hand” otherwise it might break your whole PC.

How to solve rundll problem quickly and easily

The most interesting thing of solve rundll problem error message is that most users think it comes from their operating system, when in fact it is not. Seeing error message about solve rundll problem is a widespread problem. And this should warn them that something is wrong with their PC. As a rule, there are no manifestations of solve rundll problem other than error message window. Sometimes rundll error message happens when you simply open some Windows folder or drive.

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If public network you use is infected with solve rundll problem, Sooner or later your system will be infected as well. In some circumstances you may even do not see its famous error message windows, but solve rundll problem infection still presents in your computer memory. Remember that there is no legal file in Windows connected with solve rundll problem. Removing legal file with name similar to solve rundll problem process can crash your PC! If you see any file similar to solve rundll problem in your Windows folder (and not in its sub-folders) – it is a infection. Do not mix solve rundll problem with the legal Windows file called Rundll32.exe which is always located in your Windows\System32 folder.

If by accident you erased legal file which you thought was to correct rundll problem, you can restore it from your Windows CD using sfc.exe utility. While removing solve rundll problem be fast as spyware can be even faster! Look into your Windows system folder and search for file names like solve rundll problem usually has. Great help in rundll spyware will provide Windows system application called msconfig.exe which shows you all startup records. The main task when you see error messages connected with solve rundll problem is to stop its process. In all cases when you think you have solve rundll problem spyware, check your computer with anti virus and anti spyware first.

If you solve rundll problem from your autorun list, disable it with msconfig.exe utility. Rundll problem should not appear in startup list, so if you see it there, it is definitely malicious. If you see not executables but DLL files with names similar to what Rundll.exe source has, leave them alone, they can’t be malicious. While solve rundll problem can’t destroy your computer (basically), it can cause serious financial losses in removed documents. Another frontier that will help you in avoiding such problems is your firewall, and it’s bad idea if you don’t use one.

No country and no company avoided epidemic of solve rundll problem. Solve rundll problem spyware can be found on different systems all over the world. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a computer savvy to solve your solve rundll problem using our special tool! The process of solving your solve rundll problem is simple and straightforward after you download Rundll Fix Wizard. Just make sure you tried our exclusive solution for solve rundll problem before trying anything else. In difficult cases our assistant will help you determine the exact way for solving your particular instance of solve rundll problem. Our solution for solve rundll problem is accomplished by our free online support. Security Stronghold gives you 100% guarantee that Rundll Fix Wizard will redeem your existing solve rundll problem. Our Ironclad Guarantee means that if our Fix Wizard doesn’t help you in solving your Rundll Fix Wizard problem, you’ll receive a complete refund.