Rundll32 Shutdown Error – Determine And Kill

Sometimes on the computer shutdown you can see the following error message:

“Rundll32.exe – DLL Initialization failed. The application failed to initialize because the window station is shutting down”.

And then the system turns normally off. This error can slow down the shutdown process, but you will seу no other symptoms of this error. The performance speed is normal and your antivirus cannot find any serious threat that can possibly be on your computer.

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So, firstly we should explain you what the Rundll32.exe is. Rundll32.exe is the system file that is used for the launch Dll files. The normal location of this file is in C:\Windows\System32 folder. If you will find any other file with such a name in any other folder, then you can surely delete it, because it is a virus. Sometimes this error message can appear because of the corruption of Rundll32.exe file, so then you should replace it. Open Command Prompt and type sfc/scannow and press enter. This procedure can restore this file. If not, then the problem can have the hardware cause. Sometimes bad memory can be the reason of the Rundll32.exe Shutdown Error. You can simply check it, just look into Event Viewer:

1. Open Control Panel pressing Windows button and R simultaneously.
2. Find Admin Tools.
3. Select Event Viewer and look into the System and Application Logs. If you can find memory or Read errors there or Microsoft Link reports that you have no errors at all, so the reason of Rundll32.exe Shutdown Error is in hardware, for example you can have memory Block. Use the following instructions to fix this problem:
1. Open My Computer, then open C disk and create a new folder with РОЕ name.
2. Extract HijackThis program in this folder that you’ve just created.
3. Run HijackThis from this folder and put a tick near results that look like following. Click “Fix checked“. This action creates a new backup file that you will be able to use if the restoration is needed.

F2 – REG:system.ini: UserInit=C:\WINDOWS\System32\Userinit.exe
O4 – HKCU\..\RunServices: [Image] rundll32 C:\WINDOWS\image.dll,Install

4. Then you can download CWShredder program and run it in Safe Mode. Click “Fix” button and let it repair everything.
5. Then you should close all the windows and run HijackThis program (download it if you have not it).
6. Then you should look through the log files and rut a tick into the check-boxes enumerated below. And click “Fix checked” button.

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More possible that you have a virus, then after all these steps you will be able to delete the rest of its malicious files. You can use True Sword or Stronghold Antivirus. But it is not obligatory to use exactly these programs, you may use any other you like, but remember that they should be updated. You also can use several programs one by one, but for the best scanning results you should do it in Safe Mode.

How to fix rundll – Software That Helps

While endeavoring to recover a rundll problem manually you can kill some indispensable Windows files. Rundll.exe is not a PC PC file. It’s rather compound for an half-baked consumer to acknowledge which of rundll.exe files are PC or valid ones and which of them are a cause of operating system rundll problem. Rundll.exe boots from load being not observed by you. Rundll.exe virus threat can hide itself under different kinder names, error loading newdev dll can be a sign of it. Manual how to fix rundll can result in much more problems with platform registry, auto-load boot-ups and others. Rundll exe error has two main reasons: registry and file corruption. Error loading dll is not so difficult to fix as it seems at the beginning.

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A man can die but once that’s why it’s useless to delete all computer files similar to rundll.exe in your system. Rundll.exe can be located in C:/Windows/ folder but it doesn’t connote that rundll.exe is not a virus threat. Rundll.exe virus infection is invisible among other computer files as it’s hidden. You should remember that rundll.exe appearance is a presage of your machine subjugated security and some questions connected with rundll.exe virus danger liveness in your computer. It is as resultant to pick a rundll problem amongst system files as to look for a needle in a bottle of hay .

Because of delegation of powers from every DLL PC file in system to the only rundll.exe PC file, speed and efficiency of your PC turns significantly better. It’s not possible to reject a rundll.exe virus danger from your PC as soon and easy as a irksome guest. Rundll.exe is the explorer which facilitates to accommodate negotiation between both of partner sides: DLL PC files and all shared programs for a program code execution. Rundll.exe virus danger is a widespread question amidst many pen drive buyers. It often happens that a virus threat is a cause of a rundll problem.

Some applications can’t be launched when rundll.exe PC file is missing or corrupted. How to fix rundll? It is not a problem any more if you have got Rundll Errors Fix Wizard. Due to Rundll Fix Wizard treat, your computer copes with rundll problem at full capacity and works as a well-tuned piano. Some software sharing the rundll.exe computer file can not serve at full capacity or won’t be able to load them wholly.

It’s not possible to install some programs and applications into Windows system without rundll.exe computer files. Corruption of rundll.exe PC file leads to the huge chain of many programs loading problems. You can get rid of rundll problem exactly right now. A rundll.exe PC file is plum for many malware and computer trojans. You can meet an effective treatment against rundll problem just here and kill rundll.exe virus danger with a few clicks of your mouse. Rundll Fix Wizard gives a 100% assured outcome of rundll problem elimination or your money will be returned to you. You can go out of this page and continue your how to fix rundll search, but by designates of that you will lose from manna.