Rundll32.exe file – What is it and how it is important in Windows

The rundll32.exe are important system processes that are used to run a range of programs. The processes are directly related to your PC’s Windows Registry. The registry keeps information about computer hardware, software settings, user information etc. Every time you change something, for example, you install software, edit a document or change settings; the new changes are written and saved in your computer registry. Your computer has to access this information every time it does something.

All dll files are contained in a vast library. The library code and data are shared by many programs, this way speed and memory efficiency are produced in your operating system. The rundll32.exe files exist to help access any process and increase its efficiency. But if a registry file is lost or changed, PC loses the whereabouts of the linked processes, and consequently the related program or device not will not open properly (or won’t open at all), moreover such changes may also result in PC crash.

This may happen as your PC gets older. The amount of programs you’ve installed and uninstalled (properly or not) grows with every month. And the information of all these changes to your computer is kept in the registry. So with time and use, the registry accumulates a lot of useless information and also errors. For example, if you cancel the installation of a program, the information about this interrupted operation stays in the registry. Your registry saves records of all events on your computer: application errors, configuration conflicts – even when you uninstalled a program, the traces of it may still remain in the registry.

All this useless information about programs that no longer exist or operations that never been finished accumulates in your registry and one day it becomes overcrowded.
As a result, your computer system slows down, and you will get system errors such as rundll error at startup. Typical rundll32.exe error message is

“RUNDLL: Error loading C:\Windows\system 32\XXXXX.dll. The specified module could not be found.”

The error means that a program is unable to access this specific file. It happens usually due to a corrupted or missing DLL. Also, the dll files are often an easy pray for malicious programs which can penetrate your computer and steal important information from it. (Trojan horses often carry out such activity). There are some ways to solve this common problem, but we recommend you the easiest of them.

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Rundll Error – Easy fix

Are you disturbed by Rundll error? Usually this error comes with a pop-up on your screen saying something like a “specified module could not be found” or “the application failed to initialize properly”. Does this look like you already saw this? If this is the case then your PC is affected by annoying RUNDLL32 error. We will give you a little more information about what the RUNDLL32.exe error means, what causes it and i will tell you how to get rid of it!

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RUNDLL is an essential process that runs on your Windows PC, it’s no problem, if everything works as it is supposed to be. This process actually is normal system process and it is needed for your PC to operate properly. Sometimes it can happen that there are bad entries in your computer’s registry. The registry is the main database where you computer stores all data concerning to your programs and applications.

You see, while you work with your PC you will install and remove programs. Those programs add information to the registry and often this information is not properly deleted, or it is just plain wrong. The important registry in your computer becomes corrupted – the cause for the RUNDLL error! And then we are in for a lot of bad surprises: The error comes up at random times and prevents you from working properly. Programs will not work right, your computer might freeze and your games might crash. All caused by this RUNDLL32.exe problem.

Since this is such an essential and important part of your computer it is almost impossible to fix the problem manually – but there is help: You can use a registry cleaner tool. Only the registry cleaner can scan the registry and fix and repair the RUNDLL error, so please don’t attempt to fix “by hand” otherwise it might break your whole PC.