How to stop Rundll.exe error message with Quick Fix?

In most cases Rundll.exe problems are caused by some virus and as a result you . Rundll.exe infection can come to your computer in form of email attachment from unknown sender. Deleting legal file with name similar to Rundll.exe process can crash your computer! If you see any file similar to Rundll.exe in your Windows folder (and not in its sub-folders) – it is a virus. Do not mix Rundll.exe with the legal Windows file called Rundll32.exe which is always located in your Windows\System32 folder. Another important notice is that malicious Rundll.exe file doesn’t contain Microsoft signature and version info tab in its Properties.

example of rundll.exe error message

Remember that there is no legal file in Windows connected with Rundll.exe. The main task when you see error messages connected with Rundll.exe is to terminate its process. Great help in finding Rundll.exe infection will provide system program called msconfig.exe which shows you all autorun entries. If by accident you deleted legal file which you thought was from Rundll.exe, you can restore it from your Windows CD using sfc.exe utility. Rundll.exe should not appear in autorun list, so if you see it there, it is definitely malicious.

The common synonym for Rundll.exe infection is Run32dll.exe file, which is the same virus in fact. In all cases when you think you have Rundll problem, check your computer with anti virus and anti spyware first. While Rundll.exe can’t destroy your computer (as a rule), it can cause serious financial losses in deleted documents. No country and no company avoided epidemic of Rundll error Rundll.exe can be found on different computers all over the world.

The number of support requests to solve Rundll.exe error message problem is so high that we decided to create special program for this purpose. Editing registry and terminating unknown processes can end up with unstable system and Rundll.exe will still exist in a company of several new problems. It is not recommended to solve Rundll.exe manually if you are not sure, what you are doing. We receive a lot of requests to help solve Rundll.exe problem and we fulfill them. With Rundll Fix Wizard your problem can be solved in one click.

Solution to fix “Rundll.exe error message”

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We developed Rundll Errors Fix Wizard to help you get rid of Rundll.exe. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a computer savvy to solve your Rundll.exe using our special tool! The process of solving your Rundll.exe is simple and straightforward after you download Rundll Fix Wizard.